Carver's Law

by Jones

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‘Masterpiece’ is not too strong a word. Pitch-perfect production, gorgeous melodies, lyrics which are profound and penetrating.
***** RNR

I’ve not heard anything as beautifully intense or personal since Bon Iver’s ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’.
Folk Radio UK

Probably the most soul-baring and intense album yet from Miracle Mile front-man Trevor Jones.
HiFi News ‘Album of the Month’ Rating: 95%

Tender, compassionate, sad and veined with hope for better tomorrows, it’s yet another album from an artist who remains frustratingly under-appreciated.

Literate, heartfelt music. It is moving, thought provoking and really rather lovely.
Roots and Branches

Jones has some of the refinement of Leonard Cohen. Pour yourself a worthy glass and settle in for deep thoughts made into enticing songs.

What continues to distinguish the music of Jones is the refined grace of the lyrics, ever closer to a literary style. ‘Carver's Law’ is another passionate episode in the fascinating tale of the English artist.
Onda Rock

Pour yourself a glass and enjoy the magic Jones weaves with words and music. 
**** Get Ready to Rock

As one half of Miracle Mile, Trevor ‘Jones’ released nine albums of beautiful, literate pop music, the last of which, In Cassidy’s Care, was issued in 2012. He’s a master songwriter, the type that worries beauty into shapes and sounds that unfurl with repeated listening. Together with musical partner and arranger Marcus Cliffe they collected a bouquet of critical acclaim that continues to flower in Jones’ solo career. Carvers Law is his fifth solo outing, though Cliffe is never far away, helping to produce, record, arrange and play on every one; Hopeland (2009); Keepers (2010); To The Bone (2014) and Happy Blue (2016). Like King Arthur under his hill, Jones waits patiently for the public to recognise what some of us knew from the start. In the meantime, we have this wonderful collection and an opportunity to share it.

Avail yourself of a quality malt and an hour of me-time; 2019 marks the return of Jones with his fifth solo album, Carvers Law. The result of soul-searching on the Suffolk coast and collaborations with Boo Hewerdine and David Bridie, Carvers Law is another offering of classic songwriting from an artist who breathes the rarefied air of the unsung hero. Cut Jones and he bleeds quality.
What do we want from an artist? Are they duty bound to inform, educate, entertain? Do they dissemble, put words into the mouths of fictional characters that shoulder their creator’s burden, or is the contract approved with read-between-the-lines clauses that swap comfort zones for the twilight variety, the uncertain half-light where you trust images in the corner of your eye more than those you can stare at? Should they hollow themselves out for us, such that we spend hours listening to their pain as it circles our turntable? 
In truth, we demand all of this and more. When we get it, it can be beyond anything we dared hope for and hope, like need, is a dangerous master. Carvers Law is such a record, a long-player of profound beauty, where words twist and tumble like the first leaves of Autumn, coming to rest amongst layers of effortless melody like weary travellers. Here are acutely observed vignettes on life, death and everything that matters in-between. The anticipation of hope, the shadow of fear, doubt and self-analysis, and the slow slow, quick quick slow passing of time. A nervous energy frames these songs, one born of hard won knowledge and experience. The ability to articulate our deepest sorrows, desires, happiness and heartbreaks is a gift. Carvers Law is shot through with spirits bottled and biographical, often half full, always haunted, never less than 100% proof.
Drink up; time is short and the water is rising.

Paul Woodgate

Previous critical acclaim for Trevor Jones:

“Gorgeous, as ever. Trevor Jones finds the poetry in real life; gently beautiful and genuinely moving. You may cry.”  The Sunday Times

 “Masterpieces of subtlety and observation clothed in sumptuous, lush melodies.”  R2

 “Jones is in a class of one. Near-perfect explorations of the human heart. The beauty on offer here is enough to make you weep. It did me.” Americana UK

 “Achingly tender.”  Folk Radio UK

 “Intellectually as well as emotionally engaging.”  MOJO

 "Meticulously orchestrated, careful and complex, this is canny songwriting leavened by bona fide humanity." Q

 “Moves you to tears and refreshes the soul. Scintillating.”  Maverick

"Gentle enchantment. The loveliest melodies you've ever heard.”  Uncut

“Classic pop songwriting, gorgeously realised. Jones has compiled possibly the finest catalogue of adult pop. Gently beautiful and genuinely moving” The Times


released July 12, 2019



Jones England, UK

‘Jones’ is Trevor Jones; principle songwriter with the critically acclaimed duo Miracle Mile.
Trevor Jones has produced five solo albums: ‘Hopeland’ (2009), ‘Keepers’, (2010), ‘To the Bone’ (2014), ‘Happy Blue’ (2016) and 'Carver's Law' 2019.

“Gorgeous, as ever. Trevor Jones finds the poetry in real life; gently beautiful and genuinely moving. You may cry.”  The Sunday Times
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